Advanced Treatments

Spark Eye & Dental Hospital is Multi-Speciality Hospital in Hyderabad.

High Quality Equipment

Spark offers a very high standard of service for our equipment is of proven quality

Comfortable Hospital

Spark Hospital staff uses play to help a child get comfortable in a hospital setting

Friendly Hospital Staff

The Staff were all very friendly, and would always check you had everything you needed.


Eye Care

Cataract Surgery

It is a procedure used to treat cataracts where changes in the lens of the eye cause cloudy, blurry or misty vision.

Cornea Services

A dedicated corneal specialist treating eye abrasions, ulcers, dry eye and cornea transplants.

Glaucoma Services

Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve that affects approximately 60 million people globally.

Retino Services

Retina is the neurosensory layer of the eye which is available inside and at the back of the eye.

Dental Care

Dental Crown and Bridge

Crowns and extensions are sorts of Dental reclamation which totally circle and ensure a tooth or embed.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected.

Maxillofacial Surgery

Maxillofacial surgeons focus on treating problems related to the hard and soft tissues of the face & jaws.

Dental Implants Treatment

Implants are a popular restorative treatment to restore your confidence to eat, speak, and enjoy life.
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