Clips and Braces Treatment

Orthodontics is one of the most important departments in a Dental Clinic / Hospital, which deals with the correction of teeth that are misaligned, proclined teeth crowded teeth, spaces between teeth, overlapping teeth and the correction of the dento-facial profile. Orthodontic treatment not only improves the appearance and the way teeth bite together but also makes them easier to clean.

Both Children and adults can undergo orthodontic treatment and there is no specific 'Correct age'. Orthodontic treatment involves the use of Dental braces or Ortho braces to help correct the position of the teeth and straighten them. The patients usually undergo Ortho Investigations before the doctor decides on the best device that will ensure reaching the goal of treatment.

Spark Dental since its inception in 1996 has done pioneering work in Orthodontics thanks to its dedicated team of super specialists. The team has adapted to modern methods in Orthodontics by using Self Ligatures, Invisalign and Ortho retainers which are now routinely used. These methods not only bring comfort to the patients, but reduce the time taken for such procedures considerably.

Spark Dental, over the years has earned a reputation for being a great and famous centre for Orthodontic procedures with its Super Specialist Team of Doctors and successful results which has made them famous for Orthodontic Dentistry. They are capable of handling all kinds of treatment procedures in Orthodontics which includes Ortho Investigations, different types of braces, bonding and De-Bonding procedures, clips, self ligatures and Retainers for both Children and adults alike.


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