Contact Lenses

Contact focal points improves the vision of the wearer by lessening exhibition deviations and expanding the visual field, accordingly giving a characteristic vision.

Delicate contact focal points. Standard Contact focal points : These focal points are accessible as round focal points and toric focal points which can be utilized regular for around 8 hours and ought to be supplanted each year.Disposable contact focal points : These most recent age focal points are accessible as circular and toric contact focal points which can be arranged as either quarterly, month to month, fortnightly, week by week or on a day by day basis.Lasik Treatment in ChennaiCosmetic contact focal points : As the name proposes, these focal points are worn to improve restorative appearance by changing the eye color.Bifocal contact focal points : These focal points adjust presbyopia by rectifying both separation vision and close vision by a solitary match of contact lenses.Semi delicate contact focal points : When a man is intolerent to delicate contact focal points because of sensitivity or under remedy of high astigmatism, he will be adviced to wear semi delicate contact focal points.

These focal points are exceptionally intended to coordinate the patient's corneal form in this way bringing about a shaper and clearer vision. Rose K lensesScleral lensesKerasoft focal points.


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