Paediatric Ophthalmology and Squint Services

At spark Eye Care Hospitals we give treatment to a broad scope of pediatric eye issues, for example, locate debilitating conditions like pediatric glaucoma, waterfall and intrinsic opacities of the cornea.

We additionally have thorough administrations in: The administration of squint, twofold vision and different issue of eye arrangement and development, both in youngsters and adultsThe administration of amblyopia or languid eyesRefraction in youthful kids utilizing eyedrops (cycloplegic refraction) for the individuals who experience issues getting a decent refraction.Lasik Treatment MaduraiGeneral eye issues, for example, blemish, hypersensitive conjunctivitis and knots on the eyelids (eye sore and chalazion).Providing pediatric ophthalmology conference to specialists in the pediatric offices.


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