Refractive Surgery Services

Refractive Surgery ServicesLaser Vision CorrectionLasik Treatment Bangalore Laser vision remedy can revise nearsightedness (short sight) upto - 9.00 D, Hyperopia (long sight) upto +6.00 D, and astigmatism upto 6.00 D.

Spark Eye Care Hospitals are outfitted with the propelled programming framework for laser vision amendment in which the treatment can be customized for each eye of the patient.

A customized zyoptix treatment (Customized LASIK) adjusts the refractive blunders to extraordinary exactness and gives best nature of vision by furthermore rectifying the optical abnormality of the eye. A tissue sparing zyoptix, as the name proposes, amends the required power utilizing lesser measure of corneal tissue, in this way can redress more refractive mistake in thin corneas. An Aspheric Zyoptix has the twofold preferred standpoint of revising circular variation of the eye and also keeping up characteristic corneal shape.

Intra Ocular SurgeriesImplantable Contact Lens (ICL) ICL rectifies higher level of refractive mistake which is impossible by laser medicines. Implantable contact focal points (ICL circular/Toric) is surgically embedded in the eye between the iris and the regular crystalline focal point through a little corneal cut.

Refractive focal point trade : In refractive focal point trade surgery the characteristic crystalline focal point of the eye is supplanted with a simulated Intra visual focal point (IOL) to accomplish more keen concentration, once in a while it is settled on youngsters with high powers. The surgical methodology is nearly the same as waterfall surgery and is done under nearby/topical anesthesia.

Instruments Available : Orbscan corneal topographer, Zywave Aberrometry, Specular magnifying lens, Keratometer (auto/manual), Ultra sound Pachymeter


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